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Current Events

Past Events


Donated specialty size(s) tennis shoes to high school boys.

Donated specialty size(s) clothing to men in Fillmore.

Sponsored a literary fair for the Rio School District in Oxnard.

Hosted a pizza party with toys and pillow favors for 39 students who passed their English Proficiency exams at Cesar Chavez school in Oxnard.

Coordinated a dance event with California Dance Theatre and Pacific Festival Ballet for the Saturday school students at Rio Plaza school in Oxnard.






Hosted a graduation dinner for Fillmore Continuation High Schools

     at Lazy Dog Cafe in Oxnard



School supply donation provided by St Matthew’s Methodist Church, Newbury Park

     at Rio Plaza Elementary School



Hand out for 30 families with food and gift cards

     in Fillmore



Thanksgiving hand out for 75 families, received turkeys, groceries, and bagels

     in Fillmore


Hand out for 50 families with smooch friends pillows, books, board games, gift cards and candy canes

     in Fillmore



Hand out for 27 migrant families with smooch friends pillows, toys (provided by Sycamore Canyon Elementary School, Newbury Park), and gift cards

     in Oxnard



Hand out for 8 migrant families adopted out through Support for the Kids

     in Oxnard



Hand out for trailer park residents, received gift baskets containing various hygiene and cleaning products, food and other household goods, toys (from Girl Scout Troop 60656) and gift cards

     in Fillmore

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