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In 1994, a woman with a dream to help as many children in need started Support for the Kids. Her name is Lynda Miller and for 28 years she poured her heart, soul, and every connection she had  to better the lives of countless kids throughout Ventura County. In those many years of donations, handouts, tutoring programs, and holiday events, Lynda and her volunteers have helped excel the lives of countless underprivileged children, creating opportunities that otherwise these kids would not have the privileges to attain. 


In 2021, Lynda chose to relinquish Support for the Kids to Cindy Niner. Along with Cindy Niner, Kelsey Ong, Amy Greenwaldt, and Pam Moran will carry on the example that Lynda has set forth. What started in Lynda's garage with individual lists of what kids wanted for Christmas, (i.e. a pillow to sleep with, a blanket to keep warm, clean clothes,) grew to warehousing thousands of donations to further the spread of generosity of Support for the Kids. Cindy has not only seen this growth but helped further its reach with over 20 years of working with Lynda. This change in leadership will continue to bring Support for the Kids into the lives of those in need, while also maintaining the integrity that Lynda created with a 100% non-profit organization dedicated to the children in Ventura County for over 28 years.


Your support has aided thousands of children across Ventura County and with your continued support we will reach thousands more!

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